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Energy Thermo Mechanical Pulp – ETMP

RPM and Technische Universität Dresden developed a method which aims at net energy savings of at least 30 % for the production of TMP. This is achieved by irradiation treatment of wood chips called Energy Efficient Thermo Mechanical Pulping (ETMP).


RPM and Dresden University of Technology are searching for innovative and more energy-efficient solutions for the most energy-intensive sub-processes in recovered paper stock preparation. Having been developed over decades it is highly unlikely that simply further developing such technologies will provide the energy savings required to achieve the objectives of CEPI’s roadmap 2050. What is needed instead are entirely new processes of a superior energy efficiency.

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It’s well know, that fillers strongly influence a lot of major properties of the final paper, e.g. gloss, opacity, brightness, porosity and ink absorption, bulk, viscosity, strength, drying rate and formation. But paper for recycling (waste paper) can – as a function of origin and collection system – contain any conceivable components and additives in unknown quantities, like e.g. fillers, pigments, sizing agents, starch, colours and dyes. Their concentration can change along the whole process chain in a difficult to predict way due to retention, agglomeration and deposits, accumulation, cleaning and separating.

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