We provide solutions.

RPM helps the pulp and paper industry with new ideas and solutions enabling them to match with the new challenges brought about by the menace of climate change, the changes in consumer behaviour, the increasingly fierce competition and political issues. By identifying and implementing innovative technologies, products and strategies, we pave the way for far-sighted decisions and sustainable profitability.

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Who we are

RPM is a spin-off of Dresden University of Technology, founded in 2014. We are a group of innovation-driven paper technologists who believe in the future of paper. A future, however, which is not likely to come by just further improving practises and strategies which have worked so well over so many decades. The unprecedented changes and challenges the paper industry is currently confronted with are most probably here to stay. And they will – in quite some areas – require answers that are not being given yet or even paradigm shifts. It is against this background that the RPM team is dedicated to transfer existing but widely untapped experience, knowledge, research findings and promising ideas into new technologies, new products and new business strategies for the pulp and paper industry as well as related industries.

Based in Moosbach Germany, we are part of a powerful and creative network of research providers and universities focussing on new approaches to make paper production more energy- and resource-efficient, on the identification of new application areas for lignocellulosic fibres as well as on procuring new fibre-based materials and products addressing the needs of the future.

The founders of RPM are Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Grossmann, Dr.-Ing. Tilo Gailat and Dr.-Ing.Toni Handke.

Meet our management team

Already at the time of foundation the company was equipped with a vast network of experts in the field of paper engineering. Today RPM’s team includes highly skilled engineers, scientists, project managers as well as associated advisors.

Why work with us

We focus

RPM is distinctly specializing in providing new technologoies for the pulp and paper industrie covers all steps necessary for generating solutions for your mill.

We solve

Beyond conceptional advice we actively support you in the implementation of what has jointly been regarded right and proper.

We are connected

Our strong network and well-established relations with leading universities and institutes in Germany and across Europe improve project quality significantly.

We collaborate

We assist your planners and other local partners with dedicated services throughout the project cycle.

We are output-driven

While identifying, developing and implementing solutions our team is unreservedly focussed on the client’s objective with respect to quality, costs and time.